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What is Breathwork?

Breathing is essential to life. We call it Prana, Qi or Life force. We breath automatically, regulated by our autonomic nervous system. We therefore assume that our breathing does not require our conscious attention and is something we can mostly ignore.

On the whole this assumption is correct. Our breathing is taken care of.

That is until we have problems breathing, which many of us have experienced recently due to Covid. Then suddenly we realise that our breath is extremely important. I myself, have suffered Asthma, Chronic Fatigued Syndrome and I'm had Covid. I know how important breath-work is.

My background as a nurse and midwife instilled in me the importance of breathing well.

As well as the impact of Covid, today's modern society and culture can be stressful.

More people are on antidepressants or suffering from stress related illness. Around 80% of conditions, that people gp to their GP for, are stress related.

This continual stress can affect our breathing and it can soon become maladjusted, and may result in ill-health if not corrected.

We can, so easily get into bad habits of breathing in an unhealthy way, just as we can get into many other unhealthy habits, in an attempt to self sooth.

Unlike many other unhealthy habits that are hard to break, altering the way we breath, so that it supports our well-being, our nervous system and energy is very easy.

I have a four week program which includes Mindful Breathing and at least 6 different breathing exercises. The session are supported by audio and video recordings.

These exercises are categorised so that Clients know when and where to use them effectively.

Healthy breathing supports your energy levels, mood, digestion, immunity, sleep and entire well-being.

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