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If you are looking at this site, the chances are that you 

are feeling stuck or even dragged back in some area of your life.

Perhaps you even feel you're going round in circles.

Sometimes these feelings feel like they will n

ever change.

But, there is always a way to transform your life.

There is always a form of therapy that will suit you best.

I am an accredited Energy Alignment Method Mentor.

I work with energy and help you to get your energy to flow so you are living your life in alignment.

This is a 5 step process that you can do yourself and integrate into your daily practice. 

If you would like to know more about Energy Alignment Method or any other modality I offer please use the contact form below. 

Therapy Sessions


Coaching.  Energy

I use a Holistic Life Coaching model to help my clients reach their goals by working with Mind, Body, Emotions, Energy and Soul


Breathwork and Meditation

Breathwork is one of the simplest and quickest ways to influence your nervous system.

I teach a variety of different breathing techniques, suited for different situations.

Meditation is an opportunity to reflect and gain clarity. To be the observing self. 


Head Massage.  Qigong

The body's ailments are very often a manifestation of stress.

We may not prioritise a massage of the head but the benefits of a regular head and shoulder massage are great


With the ancient practice of Qigong we can connect to the body with gentle mindful movements.

The body is wise and one important pillar of health is to manage wellbeing through somatic movement.

Qigong is perfect for achieving this. The Name Qigong means 'life force energy work'


Hypnotherapy  NLP

Hypnotherapy is a powerful technique which aligns well with other therapies such as NLP, CBT and Parts Therapy

Hypnotherapy is not mind control. This can be a common misconception that greatly inhibits results.

See the blog below for more information.

NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) is approached by looking at how a person  organises their thinking, their beliefs, feelings and the verbal/non-verbal communication they use internally and externally. We look at how all of this programs their behaviour. It is often used within a coaching model and in self development.

Parts Therapy is a form of resolving inner conflicts and is particularly effective within hypnosis.

My Approach

My approach to health and well being is through mentoring coaching and guiding clients through empowering, personal self-development

using a wide variety of techniques.

Each session is tailored to suit the individual and their needs and a preventative attitude is held.

I also see issues/problems/outcomes... through the lens, that everything is ENERGY. Your thoughts, feeling, beliefs, and emotions are all ENERGY.

I see  you. 

I hear you.

I am dedicated to understanding you.

About me

My background career was in Nursing and then Midwifery.

I always felt that prevention and a holistic approach were lacking and so I followed my passion and purpose of being in service to guide clients on a better path towards well-being.

I was propelled into the world of complementary practices by my own health problems and started to look for ways to heal myself from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Burnout.

And so a exciting journey of exploration into energy medicine and coaching began.

I use what worked best for me whilst ensuring I take a clients centred approach of their wants and needs.

Getting Help
Sessions can be either Face to Face
via Zoom and usually last 60-90mins.
All therapeutic sessions cost £45-65

To arrange a 15 minute chat with me, link the link below:




Self Esteem




Personal Development



A wonderful experience. Alex was empathetic and professional. I have felt so much better since our session and I feel empowered to make positive changes.

Kim N.

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