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Here are some Hypnobirthing Testimonials

Focused on Wellness


17/04/2020, 5:03 pm

We would highly recommend this course with Alex. We approached with some apprehensions about birth and left feeling totally the opposite, full of ideas to help have a calm and relaxed birth. We now feel positive and relaxed about our babies birth and comfortable about lots of techniques to help. Alex completely made us feel as ease and had really good teaching methods and a wealth of useful knowledge to share. We cant thank you enough.

Nicola Adams

18/12/2019, 9:18 pm

I can not recommend this workshop enough! Myself and my husband attended and both feel much more confident with the birth and aftercare, Alex has put our minds at rest in many ways with her extensive knowledge and positive outlook. I’m looking forward to putting the techniques into practice and am excited about the coming months! Thank you

Gemma Wilson

24/06/2019, 2:49 pm

Had a fab day with Alex yesterday. Would recommend the workshop to any pregnant couples! Very informative, helpful and reassuring!

Amy and Craig (From Facbook)

Well where do we start! We can't recommend Alex and this workshop highly enough. From the start of the day both of us felt relaxed and at ease with Alex. The location of the workshop is ideal, the atmosphere very calm and the room smelt amazing with the essential oils. Alex is clearly extremely knowledgeable and passionate about hypnobirthing and is a fountain of knowledge. Any questions we had she had a helpful answer. Neither of us have never felt as calm and relaxed as we did during the workshop. I had the best night sleep I've had in ages (at 28 weeks pregnant this can be uncomfortable) and woke up feeling refreshed the next day.
We have both gone from feeling worried about the birth to being excited and feeling prepared.
Both of us feel confident about the birth and have learnt so many skills that we can use for the rest of the pregnancy and the labour itself.
Everyone should attend this workshop!!
Thank you Alex x

26/02/2019, 11:06 am

Mel and Rob

Hypnobirthing was something that had been recommended by friends, so we were both keen to find a class. Our research led us to Alex and we completed our course yesterday. With this being our first baby, we both had some natural apprehension about the labour and birth process and Alex’s course managed to answer a lot of questions as well as going through mindfulness and hypnosis techniques to use to stay calm. It was interesting learning about how this approach to birth can help with labour itself through the impact on hormone levels etc.
Alex is clearly a dedicated practitioner and manages to make you feel completely relaxed and at ease throughout the day - as well as sharing all of those techniques that will help with the final stages of pregnancy and labour. I loved the focus on how the birth partner can play such a pivotal role and think the course helped husband understand what will happen from his perspective too. We are both really looking forward to practising the techniques now and during labour.
Thanks so much to Alex for a fantastic day and we couldn’t recommend this course more. Even if you are skeptical about hypnobirthing, the day will prove you wrong!

07/01/2019, 7:54 pm


We booked onto our hypnobirthing course with Alex after she was recommended to us by a friend who has recently had her first baby. Prior to the course we were both quite sceptical about whether hypnobirthing was for us, but our day with Alex completely vanquished our scepticism! We both left Alex’s feeling extremely relaxed and far more empowered when it comes to making choices around the birth of our baby. All of the mindfulness techniques were extremely useful and I love that you can pick and choose the ones that suit you. What I loved most about the course was the focus on the role your partner has to play in the birth. Instead of being a bystander, they are actively involved and an integral part of the labour process, which I think is so important. Thank you so much Alex for such an enlightening day! Xx

29/12/2018, 9:08 pm

Anna and David

We loved the whole day of hypnobirthing with Alex. She is so lovely, and it was so relaxing in her beautiful home. We came away from the day feeling very confident, closer together and with clearer ideas of our birth plan. I am looking forward to having our second baby and I feel empowered and much more relaxed than the first baby. My strategy with baby number one was to just not think about the birth at all- but after doing the course for the day I am able to prepare and ensure that it will be a good experience no matter what happens. It is lovely to see someone so passionate! :) thanks Alex!

18/12/2018, 11:34 am


We took part in a day course with Alex and we had an excellent day. My husband and I left her feeling much more secure in how we can use hypnobirthing (and lots of other advice/techniques!) when our bump is born. You can take what you want from the exercises she does with you and we feel much more confident in getting into the right mindset having done it practically with Alex.
The day was a mixture of practical exercises and theory behind hypnobirthing alongside extra tips from Alex. She welcomed us into her relaxing home and we felt very cared about. We would thoroughly recommend her course.

03/12/2018, 12:22 pm


Alex is fantastic, someone who truly gets what she’s talking about! The day was so relaxed and engaging. After a tricky first birth I’m going into a second with some residual anxiety, having just finished the day course i can honestly say I’m now excited and looking forward to meeting our little baby, I have total faith that this time I will have a positive birth experience

03/11/2018, 6:46 pm


We attended one of Alex’s Hypnobirthing classes last weekend and found it extremely helpful. Alex is very welcoming, insightful and knowledgeable. We came away from the workshop confident and excited for the birth of our little one!

02/10/2018, 8:35 pm


I can't recommend Alex and her contagious enthusiasm for hypnobirthing enough. My husband and I attended her course a few weeks ago and enjoyed every minute. Upon arrival, Alex was extremely friendly and welcoming, which instantly made us feel at ease and we knew we would feel comfortable asking any questions that we might have. The day involved a great mix of interactive education, relaxation and opportunities to practice the different techniques. All the information was explained to us in a thorough, yet easy to understand way. I left feeling so relaxed, well-informed, confident and excited about the birth of our baby. Although the main event is yet to come, I am certainly more motivated to practice the different techniques and look forward to putting the preparation into practice for the birth ….and beyond!

27/08/2018, 7:24 pm


My husband and I went to Alex's Hyprobirthing taster class and from there booked the full day course. Alex was really welcoming from the start and explained everything well so we were really relaxed and the information was easy to follow. I used the information from the class alongside the Sophie Fletcher book and MP3's. I believe this is the reason that I was able to stay calm in labour, only using gas and air during contractions along with aromatherapy and my chosen MP3 track. I would highly recommend attending Alex's class regardless of what your birth plans may be, she gives you the tools and information to stay calm and focused during pregnancy through to labour and beyond.

01/07/2018, 8:37 pm


My partner and I attended a Hypnobirthing course with Alex at 34 weeks pregnant.
I used the techniques alongside my pregnancy yoga to relax in the last few weeks.
I had hoped for a natural birth to maximise the use of techniques but our baby was breach so we had a c section.
The affirmations and relaxation techniques were so helpful to keep me calm and confident during the preparations.
Furthermore since coming home I have reminded myself of the affirmations whilst I have been settling in to breast feeding and aleepneas nights.
We both highly recommend this course.
Thanks again Alex

04/06/2018, 3:41 pm

Liz Wilson

My husband and myself did the Hypnobirthing course 12 weeks before the birth of our daughter. The course was so positive and Alex made us feel very relaxed and confident about the birthing process. The course materials were really helpful and most importantly it helped us have a very positive birthing experience.

31/05/2018, 2:50 pm

Sarah Binns

Myself and my husband completely recommend Hypnobirthing. It completely changed my approach to birth. I was very scared and negative about labour but after completing Alex’s day course, listening to the audio tracks each night and reading the book, I felt calm and in control. I ended up having a straight forward, quick birth and enjoyed the experience. The midwives remarked that it was because I trusted my body and I put that down to the Hypnobirthing approach and the skills Alex taught us. My little boy is a happy and easy going baby and I’m sure that his stress free entrance into the world has contributed to that.

31/05/2018, 6:15 am